About Me

Hi everyone.
I am Ssemanda Bosco founder of beautiful-words.org. I am a nurse by profession. I love seeing man thrive as an individual whole. I therefore seek ways on how to suppress barriers to human physical, mental, social and spiritual success. The complete state of wellness of man-kind is my ultimate joy.
My foremost hobby is writing;poetry or prose-any word that I perceive can brighten someone’s moment. If my presence here can add value to anyone, I will be so glad.

I also love to meditate upon the Bible. This book has been the source of my hope and joy. So when i find a phrase that is a blessing to me, I will also share it with you.

I hope you will find this site helpful. I hope the words written here will brighten your moment. If you have any feedback that can make this site better, feel very welcome to make your submission. Thank you for visiting. Visit again.

Your friend.