How to Purchase Flowers Online

A flower laid in the hands of someone is a straight road to their heart. But now you have that big question “how to purchase flowers online”. I want to sort you out in the following few paragraphs. You don’t have to worry, just read on. In fact, I want to go straight to the point so that I don’t bore you with an unnecessarily lengthy article. Ok let’s start.

A Few Payment Methods when Purchasing Flowers Online

  1. Using a credit card, usually the most convenient method.
  2. Using a debit card where money will be debited fom your bank account
  3. Using an online payment company such as Paypal, PayZa.
  4. Using an electronic wallet such as Skrill

How to Buy Flowers Online Using Amazon

So now you have your money and can pay for your flowers using any of the methods described above. The next step is to choose an online store. Today I would like you to try Amazon. In fact you are going to like Amazon so much that they are going to become your preferred online store.

Buying Flowers Online Using Amazon – Why The Recommendation?

I recommend Amazon because of their professional touch. They will keep their promise to you.

  • Time management: If the shipping time for your flowers is 24 hours, it will be exactly that.
  • They cannot let you take a damaged product. What I like most about this online store is that they respect your money. They want you to have the best out of your money. Take for instance if the product delivered to you is damaged in a way, you are free to raise your complaint and another product will be delivered to you in exchange to the damaged one.
  • Not the right color? – Return it for the color you want. If you selected a particular color of a product but the one delivered to you isn’t exactly what you want, still you have the freedom to reject that product and your choicest color will be given in exchange. It may take you some few more hours but better to get what you want for your loved one than give a mediocre gift far from your choice.
  • Simple steps to follow. If you are, say, purchasing flowers online, Amazon website is easy to use. In fact the process to follow is so easy and natural that you will complete your purchase without any hiccups.
  • Safe website. How do you recognize a safe website? See whether it has a green padlock button in the topmost corner just before the beginning of that website’s domain name. Website security has also been increased through addition of another security feature called site SSL. This means that a safe website’s URL will have to be preceded by something like https:// instead of http://. Amazon has all this, meaning it will be difficult for hackers to get your credit card information.
  • A global operation, even in flower delivery: You can buy your flowers from Amazon almost from every part of the world. Many online stores for flowers operate within a specific geographical area.

Steps to Follow When Buying Flowers From Amazon

Step 1: Go to the Amazon website here.

Step 2: Open a customer account: Go to the top right corner of your interface where there is New Customer?. Click Start Here.

Step 3: Provide some brief details: this process is very brief. Amazon will ask you some information such as your full name, your e-mail address, then you will need to provide your choice password. The password is filled in a second time to make a verification. In case the password you provided in the first field does not harmonize with the one in the verification field, you will have to repeat the process. A PASSWORD IS YOUR SECRET, NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE, NOT EVEN ME.Lol!

Step 4: Create your Amazon account. Click the button Create your Amazon account just below the fields that you have just filled

Let’s buy our flowers: Congratulations; you now have your Amazon customer account. Let’s now see how to buy flowers online using this platform

Step 5: You will see a search bar (see picture below). In the search bar, click and type “flowers”. You can even be more specific in your quest by typing in, say the very type of flower that you want to purchase, say Roses.

Amazon will bring you numerous pictures of flowers from which to choose. At the left side will also appear a menu that gives you other search terms that help you to narrow down your search as Amazon is now aware that you want flowers.

Step 6: Choose the flower you want: If that is the choice you have made, then click the picture to see a larger image of the flower and how it appears from different angles.

Step 6: Select the quantity: You can now select how many of the same kind of flowers you want to purchase.

Step 7: Add To cart: After you are completely sure of the choice you’ve made, click the yellow button, Add to Cart.

Step 8: You may need to buy other items, that may not necessarily be flowers simply by typing the product you want in the search bar and clicking Add to Cart.

Step 9: Click proceed to Check out. After you are done shopping, you can now Click proceed to check out.

Step 10. Enter your Shipping Address: This will help Amazon to know the exact location where to deliver your flowers. Try to be more specific because Amazon would love to deliver the flowers you have purchased to your door step.

Step 11: Choose a delivery option: Amazon will give you several shipping options for the flowers you have purchased. You can choose free shipping or in case you want the product to arrive faster, choose from the given options. You will have to pay a few more bucks for a faster delivery but it is worth it just in case you are time bad. Free shipping option will take a longer time, say two working days, depending on the product being shipped.

Step 12: Fill in your payment details. You may use a credit card or debit card to purchase your flowers online.

Step 13: Review your order. Check everything to see that whatever information you have provided is accurate. For example are they the right flowers you wanted to purchase online?, Is it the right address, where you want your flowers to be delivered and etcetera.

Step 14: Click “Place Order” in case you are satisfied with everything in step 13, click the yellow button “Place Order

Congratulations, you have just purchased your flowers online. Infact you now know how to buy flowers or any item online.

Check your email: Amazon will send you an email that contains your receipt and purchase details. Now chill. You have done your part and now let Amazon deliver your flower at your door step.

The following video can also guide you on how to buy any item from Amazon

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It was simple, right? I hope your question on how to purchase flowers online or how to buy flowers online has been well answered. In case you want to try another online store, you may do not have to pass through the same steps like you have done with Amazon but at least this gives you a general picture of how to go about online shopping. In case you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to give you a response. Thank you for reading my article and see you next time when you visit Beautiful Words.




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