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Website Name: Wealthy Affiliate, commonly abbreviated as WA
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Price: Starter Member (free).
Note: Free membership has limited access to the services available. To have full access to training and other services, premium membership is the option.  Premium membership is $49 per month or $359 subsidized yearly subscription. The starter member however pays $19 in their first month (only if payment is made within the first 7 days of their presence at WA)

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Training: 4.8/5.0
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You are curious this Wealthy Affiliate Thing Might be a Scam? Relax! I now bring you the true Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review in which the whole truth is laid down.

Make $5000 a day!!!!!!! Join today and make $200 per second!!!!. Become a billionaire in just a month!!!!!. I know you have bumped into websites or online platforms of such exciting promises. You gave it a try only to realize you have been scammed. Not many months ago I landed on one called Dollarjob Online. I willingly subscribed to this site as a result of some enticing promotional messages they were circulating through WhatsApp. So there I was. According to this site, making money was simple. They give you a link that you have to share with others. The more referrals you make, the more money. Circulating my unique link to all social media outlets I was subscribed to, I managed to make some $1300. Wait-before you congratulate me, this money was just a number. It could not be withdrawn. I was told that I have to do more online surveys (of other websites) before I could be able to withdraw. The more I tried, the more surveys I made. And guess what? The crooks were making money by making me part of the traffic to their website. Online scams can be that annoying!
Let me not even waste your time regarding Wealthy affiliate. It is too far from being a scam. It is not just a genuine online platform but one that will help you to establish a successful online business. The amount of money this business can generate for you cannot be defined. This is because it solely depends on the amount of effort you put.

So How Does Wealthy Affiliate Help You to Establish a Thriving Online Business?

To be a successful online entrepreneur, the first vital tool you need is a website and a niche or interest. This means that you are going to offer a service to people with similar interest. My passion is poetry and I write content for those who love poems. You can read my poems here if you are also one of them. Otherwise you have no way to make your presence on the online world be properly felt. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that helps you to establish a website. You can have up 2 websites for free (free membership). Premium members can have up to 50 websites (25 on own domain and 25 on siterubix).
The main approach for Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is affiliate marketing. After you have established a website, you will promote products on your website and then generate income from commissions. Other ways to earn income include Google AdSense ads on your website, referring others to wealthy Affiliate and other affiliate programs where you are paid in terms of “pay per click”.
At the end of the day, you will have many ways to make money with your website(s). However I have to emphasize that the amount of money you make will depend much upon your personal effort; the quality of content you put, the effort you put to generate traffic on your website. This should, however, not scare you because the programme has a lot of support as I explain further on.

Newbies Can Also Feel Like Experts At Wealthy Affiliate.

It can be very scaring when someone talks about making money using websites. It may sound like one needs loads of expertise with computers to manage such things as websites. At WA, they do the hard stuff as you do the simpler part. In fact, if you can manage a Facebook account, then you will also find it easy to manage a website hosted for you at WA. The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a wealthy Affiliate member;

  1. Training
    There are loads of training courses within the WA platform. They are divided into two, the certification programme and the affiliate boot camp. Each training session you finish will feel like a big eye opener. The access is limited when you are subscribed on free membership status but still, the knowledge acquired will be sufficient to get you there. You will learn for example how to drive traffic to your website, how to write quality website content, how to add affiliate links to your content and lots of other valuable stuff.

2. Website establishment
Like I explained above WA will do website hosting for you. You will do some work to put content and make some beneficial settings but you will be supported in all this. Imagine having an option of having up to 50 websites hosted for you!  Good deal, right?. I am for instance a trained nurse without any background in computer science but already with a website. If you are the kind who enjoys reading romantic poetry, you can visit me here.
You can check this video to show you what your first day of learning website creation will look like.

  1. Support

I can’t promise you that everything will be straight forward at all times. Sometimes you will have questions or get stuck with some detail. The good news is that you have over 80,000 members who are ready to respond to your query. Not only the members, but Kyle and Carson (the owners of WA) are there when you need them. Imagine!!. So we call it The Community. This is partly because everyone is there not only for themselves but for the success of others as well. It is the best support network I have ever known!

  1. The key word research tool (Jaaxy)

For your content to rank well in google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, you will need to have a proper use of “key words”. This is how the Jaaxy programme comes in. It is owned by WA and helps you to use appropriate key words with your content. Poor use of key words means poor ranking, poor traffic and less revenue generated from your website.

  1. Networking

WA is much more like an online university that trains you how to make online business. However, it has been made in such a way that you can socialize with others. In the process, you will be making many crucial networks with people of diverse experiences, multi-ethnic and diverse geographical backgrounds.

These benefits can surely bring you all that is needed to establish yourself firmly as an online entrepreneur. You don’t need to be a computer wizard, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Do you have them? If you do then let the business begin.

Are There Any Disadvantages with Wealthy Affiliate?

I might have impressed you by describing how excellent WA is. However in the real world, everything has its pros and cons.

There is a strong notification system at WA. When someone posts a blog within WA programme or asks a question you are instantly notified by e-mail, even if you are not logged on to the platform. Too many actions by others at WA will come to you as e-mail notifications. This can sometimes be a distraction. Just imagine if every Facebook notification, message, friend request was also sent to you as an email. This is the sort of what happens at WA. It is tempting as you are curious to find out what is contained in the new mail. You may spend half of your day reading mails if you are not the kind that knows how to schedule their time.


Not all your questions at WA are going to be answered instantly. Sometimes you need this answer so urgently but you have to wait 5 more painful minutes. You get what I mean, right?
My honest submission is that not every time you ask a question (however urgent the answer is needed), will you get an immediate answer. Sometimes you may have to wait up to 10 minutes for a fellow member to respond. Questions addressed to Kyle and Carson (the owners) may take days to receive
a response.


Wealthy Affiliate also enables you to network and socialize with people within your network, send private messages, media and so on. The problem, however is that you wont be able to know whether the person you want to chat with is online or not. So the only option you have is to send the message, goodness knows when it will be seen and a response is given. You can,t just know who is online or not!

You are likely to realize how true this popular saying by Jean-Jacques Rousseau as a Wealthy Affiliate member. Don’t be fooled by impressive reviews for this product. yes-you can be successful at WA-extremely successful but it requires patience. Not the kind of patience when time just passes while you do nothing, NO! Patience while you put loads and loads of work to build your business. So if you are the kind that gives up easily, this is not your thing-just to be open. All am saying is that getting money online is CRAZY WORK!!!!!!!

Who is Likely to Benefit From WA?

  • Those pursuing full time job as online entrepreneurs
  • Individuals seeking an extra income in addition to their current job
  • Those who already have websites but want to learn how to monetize them

But How Much Money Can I Make From Wealthy Affiliate and How Soon?

The answer to this question varies from individual to individual. Averagely it will take around 3 months for you to earn your first fruits. By the 6th month, most people are already earning a stable income and by the end of one year, most people are considering quitting their routine job to focus on their online business. Of course if you open an account with WA but do nothing in addition to that, then no miracles are going to happen. You will earn completely nothing. I have been at WA for just 1 month and am sorry but I have only earned $1. Largely because I have not been aggressive enough. But am I discouraged? Of course not. I know that establishing an online business needs a strong foundation and am still working on quality content for my website. You too will need patience.

But just how much money can you earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

I want to excite you a bit with some reality by bringing you some testimonies of those who are already some months at WA.

Here is a screen shot of someone already established at WA

The good news is that even if you do nothing with your website but use it to promote WA, you can still generate a decent income when others join WA as a result of you being their referrer.

On your right is a screenshot of the testimony of one of the people am following at WA. In just one day, he made $900. Still, there are others who make more than that. You can also read more testimonies of success here. So in reality, there are people making not just money, but good money.

So What have I Been Saying?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. Far from it. I would rather encourage you to join the platform and become part of the community. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Period!
Thank you so much for reading my review. Again, if you are someone with a dream of making a booming online business but don’t know how to start, I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. To join Wealthy affiliate, you can click here. You can read other reviews about the programme but the information there won’t deviate from what I have presented here. Feel free to leave me a comment below. I wish you success in your online venture. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, I will be there to help you personally, just in case you are stuck with something. See you with the community.

Just one more thing!

Just in case you have any question or comment, kindly drop it here and I will be more than happy to give you a response. Go ahead.




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