Let Me Hold – Poem


Let me hold your soft hand my love
Because the sun is about to set
And the forest is thick green
While its tree branches spread
over the thin flowery path…
that passes through them.

Let me hold your soft hand my love
so the powerful current of love
Flows through from hands to hearts
and the great cords of emotion
Bind us with their strength of attraction

Let me hold your soft hand my love
so we can follow this romantic path
through to the flower garden beyond
there I will run after you…
As I throw many flowers to you
As laughter consumes both of us.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Hold – Poem

  1. Hi Ssemanda!

    I really enjoy your poem it was lovely. I myself am a writer and love writing short stories and poems, perhaps we can share some stories together? Do you have other platforms where you can share your writing? I think it can be beneficial to your business and help you get some more customers.

    As for me your poem got me thinking about my past love, though we are no longer together he still have a piece of my heart with him. I wonder if he still thinks of me? Your poem have given me hope that maybe my special someone is still waiting for me. Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. And what a beautiful response this is my dear!
      Am so glad to know you share my passion as a writer. I haven’t written so many short stories except one freelance project. I also have two uncompleted novels. Writer’s block you know!
      Oh! No platforms to share my writings yet. I feel your point is very important. I will make a search.
      Oh my dear! Yes I understand…deeply understand. In the midst of lost love, all we have left are the ever falling thoughts upon our hearts.
      But like you say…this one thing called hope…is this the only anchor against the rolling tide…in the deep sea of lost love….perhaps it will be found and won’t be lost again!
      Thanks dear Francesca.
      Visit again

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