When your eyes meet mine
The motion of the stars is slowed
And the stars fall to the ground
To inscribe love on everything around
In honor of your approach
All existence bows to the ground

When your eyes meet mine
All friars upon flowers
Erupt into a romantic lyric
And the winged butterfly
Has her drumbeats of love
In my fragile stomach

When your eyes meet mine
A zillion stars all my soul shine
And a sweet euphoric wave
Entangles my blissful cave
This be my wish-that I be thine
So your eyes will forever meet mine.

16 thoughts on “WHEN YOUR EYES MEET MINE

  1. Very beautiful Poeme indeed, I never paid much attention to Poems until my Son introduced me to them and explained, this is a very beautiful poem, I am visual by nature, so I was kind of picturing everything and it felt so good.

  2. You definitely have a gift when it comes to writing poetry! I have had people tell me that I have a gift for writing, but I have never been able to write poetry — therefore I have always been a bit jealous of those who can! Thank you for working to share your gift with others!

  3. Beautiful poem! It is fun to sit and write thoughts and emotions onto paper and then make them into art. I enjoy this occasionally, as well. It can be relaxing and freeing.

    How did you get into writing poetry?

    Thank you for sharing!


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